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Religious freedom is a noble word, it means you have right to practice your own religion and the traditions of that religion with your own standards, or belong or not to belong to any religious society. Every person also has right to refuse from practicing any religion if they wish.

I live in country where this noble principle has been written to constitution and the law gives to everybody the full right to live with his or her religious views. At the same time I happen to live in country where we still have the State Church. How does these two go hand in hand? How does these two work together.

I think they won´t!

In my home country Finland which is directed to Northern Europe the main religious society is called Lutheran Church, they have the label “State Church”, they have right to collect taxes from people and companies they have right to marry people and they have also right to teach in the schools their religion.

I now state my question to you!

How, in the country of religious freedom one religious society can have right to collect taxes when others don´t have the right? How is it even possible to speak about equality in religion when one has rights and others just duties?

I love my country, it´s culture, people and our way of life. I still feel that in some questions it is better to raise your hand than just lay down and wait mercy from others. I don´t want anymore these parasites to suck blood from the honest, hard working citizens of my country. I say, if you want to teach your Christianity in your churches then do it, but not with my money. If the Christian Church cannot stand in it´s own, then perhaps it is their time to fall!

In my home country this discussion is kind of hot potato right now, all our neighbors have already abandoned the idea of one church and gone to more secular direction but here where I live these bloodsucking psychic vampires still hang on the state church label they have. Normal argument one may hear is that church does so much good that we have to support them for that reason. Bollocks say I, church has never done anything for anybody without reason. They only have their purpose to get power and ruling position and that, my dear friends, is against the primary principle of religious freedom!

I support religious freedom from the bottom of my heart, I think everybody should have right to live the way they want as long as they do it by the law of their society, and I very much see the freedom to speech and freedom to religion as parts of that right. Still, I believe in hard working, I believe in earning what you have and enjoying of what you have earned or built by yourself. For that reason I cannot accept that somebody should have right to take from others giving nothing back like Christian Church has done for decades. In the name of freedom we should give all the religious societies no matter what they teach the same possibility to stand or fall by themselves so in the name of our precious principle of religious freedom it is now time to Church to take it´s own responsibility about it´s own capability to manage without outer support from government!

So, my dear, fellow Finns. I now challenge you to raise your hand and ask the question, why should we let one religious society in our country to dominate all the others? Why in the country where freedom is the basic principle one church should anymore have the rights others don´t have?

I know the answer to this question and I hope you do as well!

It is time to support freedom and evolution, not degeneration

Wrote by: Janina

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