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I have long been a participant in the SETI project and been interested in the possibility that someday somebody will contact us. I have to admit that I am a supporter of the Ancient Astronaut theory and keep it quite probable that our divine gods might have been just quests from other planets and their so called divinity just technical knowledge which our ancestors saw as some kind of miracle.

I am not a spiritualist but very much a pragmatic lay person, so for that reason the idea that God is an astronaut from other planet, not some spiritual being, seems to me more logical than just a fate to some spiritual nonsense.

I was watching a document with my husband. The document told about the ancient Sumerian gods called Anunnaki. These gods came to earth with spaceships and created human race to be their slaves In the document they assumed that this story of annunaki is the base to the story of Adam and Eve from the Christian Bible as well as the character of ancient Egyptian gods.

Though this theory is purely speculative my kind of old Star Trek freak feel it more resonating than the boring teachings of the Bible about some allmighty creator in the heaven watching us from the top of a cloud, controlling everything with his magic powers.

I have allways been in love to these stories about Vampires and Werewolves who were borned from the Ancient Egyptian God so the idea that maybe their base is in another specie which came to earth from another planet is quite fascinating idea and the idea of the being who looks to us almost godlike would just be ordinary member of some other specie who created in the minds of human beings the root for all these magnificent creatures like vampires and werewolves are.

It is obvious that man has created his own gods by himself, but what if the base for that creation came from outer space with a spaceship?

We may never get the answer to these speculations or we might get them even very soon, but one thing is sure. These theories about Anunnaki definitely feed my mind more than spiritual dream of the heavenly glory.

These stories at least have the value of the good entertainment, if nothing more!

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