lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

The man is the creator!

The man is the creator, god his image
the man is the creator whom spiritual limits
Man is the god, only one that exists.
Man is the god, which religion does not fix.

I am the god of my own universe.
I am the god behold others would be perverse.
There is no other god, no heavenly afterlife.
Why would I live like the nun who is the gods wife.

I just wish to live, do the things that I like
I don´t feel the need to worship the creature of I
I want to fulfill all my needs here and now.
Don´t want to wait mercy or any gods front of bow.

The man indeed is the only god that exists
The spiritual religion with it´s cure does not me fix.
I am the atheist, do not worship any god.
Except only myself, these bones and this blood!

Wrote by: Janina

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