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I am an outcast, weirdo and geek. Most of my life I have been lonely wolf without a herd to integrate myself in. I guess that is the reason why I really admire people who create their own path.

When I was a kid I already found in myself, very powerful emotions about certain materials and all the sadistic scenes of the novels and movies. I found writers like DeSade in quite early age and got much pleasure out of the pervert atmosphere they created. When I was teenager I first found the terms Sadomasochism and fetishism. What does these words mean? What does it mean to be partaker of such act?

So I am sadomasochist and I am fetishist, I really enjoy playing with power and mix the roles. When I know that in real world I'm a master of my own reality, I can work in the field where I have possibility to make my own decisions and I know that I am definitely not one whose over you or anybody can walk without serious consequences, I really enjoy of the possibility to take the role of the slave in the session.

Some people think we are crazy, and some think we should stop living in “sin” but what does these person know about lust, power and total freedom. What does a christian puritans know about being a total object to lusts and free yourself from the control of strict moral codes for even the moment.

Fetishism is the desire for certain object and sexual pleasure of the chosen object. Fetishist knows how to taste ones sexual life with little lustful objects and get full pleasure without feelings of guilt or remorse. Leather, crossdressing, pvc, or what ever is the object that fulfills ones sexual life is the act of freedom.

Sadomasochism is the act of sadism and masochism. There persons take for short session the roles that suites for their own goals. It mean forgiving the moral, limitations of normal life and all the virtues of goodness for the moment and becoming to animal who only serves his personal pleasure.

So, why would it be, like moralists say, wrong to enjoy ones life as free of limitations created by religion or society? Why would it be wrong to live this one and only life for the most ultimate reason. Enjoyment of ones own life?
Well it is not! Life only has the meaning you yourself give to it so enjoying the chosen lust in the moment you are now living only serves the meaning of your own life.

To me act of sadism and masochism is play with emotions which frees me from the hectic lifestyle of work, school and normal everyday life. I am a so called switch and get the full enjoyment from playing both of the roles. Sometimes I really get pleasure and fun out from being totally slaved. I feel that balancing factor in my life where I normally am quite sadistic person.

So am I odd? I sure am!

Am I weirdo? I am, and I´m proud of it.

I can definitely admit that I am Sadist, masochist and fetishist. I really enjoy dressing up me leather skirt and spank somebody´s buttocks with the whip!

So screw you all whining Christian puritans with your Bibles and with your fear of death. I only live ones, and I do it here and I do it now. I don´t need your hypocritical guidelines to tell me how to live. I alredy know it.
I do what serves my needs best, and live the way I like.

I am sadomasochist and fetishist, I don´t feel shame I am proud of it!

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  1. To make a small remark, fetishes come in many shapes and forms, not just in the forms of deriving sexual pleasure from objects, foot fetishes are real after all ;) To make a small clarification, dictionary tells us that: "fet·ish   [fet-ish, fee-tish] noun
    1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
    2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
    3. Psychology. any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation."

    Have been enjoying reading your blog so far ^^

  2. Yes you are right here. I use in my writing word fetish purely in it´s erotic meaning fetishism. As one form of sexual diversity. Also in sexual meaning we should remember that basis for all sexuality is in fetishes, so it can never be left out of sex!