tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013

Satanic Meditation!

Younger, when not yet affiliated with Church of Satan, I studied years Tantrayana and Zenbuddhist traditions. I don´t however see it wasted time though I always knew it´s not my thing to try to become altruistic spiritual being called Bodhisattva. I learnt many useful skills I have made to be a part of my Satanic magicians path. One of these things is Zazen, Zenbuddhist meditation where practitioner of meditation focuses their mind to reality as it is from moment to moment. In Zentradition the ultimate goal is to free oneself from suffering and experience the mystical satori, enlightenment. What can this kind of practice possibly give to Satanist. To person who avoids all kind of hypocritical spiritual practices and does her Magic and ritual purely to accomplish ones own needs and wants. Quite much I would say.
I practice daily a some kind of Satanic meditation as my purpose is to understand the nature of reality and reach more knowledge and power by this understanding. I use certain techniques, but when making my goal purely selfish it becomes in many ways to be a Satanic act in action. Magic, like I would describe it.

So when studying Magic and trying to reach more power and knowledge, I see it very much useful to study many traditions and practices objectively and adopt their best parts to myself. Magician, from my point of view, should always try to develop and go on without fear and rejection. Then one may reach the goal they want and desire.

I am not a spokesperson to Satanism, so all my views are more or less just personal thoughts and opinions. As private Satanist, who is also a member of the Church of Satan, I however believe that for reaching greater understanding it may be good to study and practice also what other traditions may teach to us as Satanists.

maanantai 19. elokuuta 2013

Responsibility and fatalism!

There is a two ways to see things in reality. Two ways to act. Fatalism and Responsibility.

Fatalist, a person who always thinks he or she should get something by giving nothing is a type of human being whose faith makes them to avoid taking responsibility of ones own choices.

Responsible human being is a type of human being, who believes on his or her own skills and ability to make life what they want it to be.

Though I am not spokesperson for Satanism, I thought again to open my coffin of words and speak out my thoughts about this issue.
In Satanism responsibility has very special meaning and it has been named as one of the nine Satanic Statements:

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!”

For that reason it is not surprising to see that responsibility is actually one of the most important things one should keep in mind when looking things from Satanic perspective.

I am my own god”, is one of the most misunderstood phrases, I have heard. Many seem to think it means something non-responsible, that you can make what ever you like without giving any thoughts to anything, but unfortunately reality does not work that way. We are free to make our choices, yes, but we also are responsible of our choices. We have to be able to stand straight and take responsibility of our words, doings and even thoughts, so when somebody says he or she is their own god, it should not be seen as nihilistic statement of one to justify what ever they like to do, but as statement of responsible human being who stands behind his choices and lives with the consequences of these choices.

Fatalism, the way to see things as karma or acts of destiny, is something very un-responsible. There the human being sees the reality like they would earn something without giving anything simply because their destiny is to reach something. This kind of thinking easily makes people lazy and weakens their mind, when they try to avoid taking responsibility of their own life by putting it to gods, destiny of karma. This kind of person easily thinks something should be given to them simply cause they want it, not cause they earn it.

I think responsible being should always avoid the practice of Simple fatalism and work diligently for the goals they want to reach. Satan is the adversary who stands proudly as they are and questions all these ideas of destiny or karma by challenging the common believes with his questions “why?”. Satan lives in responsible heart, not in spiritual pipe dreams.

Stand proud, ask the question and take the responsibility of your life. Then, really then, you know, what the life gives to you is earned, not cause you wanted it, but because you earned it.

For avoiding mis-understanding, my words are my own opinion and does not represent anything but writers subjective opinions about this issue!


lauantai 29. kesäkuuta 2013


Doing my things, playing my games.
Living in reality with no spiritual claims.
Living and enjoying. Doing my things.
Living right now like eternal Sphinx.
When you live in real world,
not dreaming of heaven.
You already live there.
Your life in flesh is the heaven.

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

Battle of your Mind

I have been studying many religions and traditions during my years in the world of Magic, and noticed some formula in the way how many members of different traditions are holding spiritual practices you could call self-suggestive brainwash. Aka, their members use the thought formula to manipulate their own mind. For example, believer of Allah bows to Mecca many times a day praying while doing it. This common practice in the eye of beholder is "spiritual practice" while the thing he actually does is to low his own resistance level of mind to the state where suggestion starts and critical thinking moves back. By continuing his practice he actually brainwashes himself to accept something his common mind would not do in normal state. This is something most followers of spiritual religions do very much by following the procedure of their religions.

They say, that there is no mind which could not been manipulated from outside, and many techniques of brainwash are commonly used in army, business world, advertising and specially in religion. In army this technique starts with the idea of breaking the man and building him again. During this many suggestive methods have been used to low ones critic level so while breaking the soldier their mind is manipulated in the boot camps to make them as puppet like mindless robots to obey all the commands in the moment. When we go to the area of religion very much same methods can be seen there and many others like tone level, lightning and sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation, one commonly known technique of human torture is quite often used in religious practice and one may found marks of it from Meditation, Chanting, Prayer etc. In sensory deprivation the mind can easily be changed from beta- to alpha level by blocking the use of normal sense partially (like vision or hearing) human starts naturally to change from outside level to inner and cause himself a light feeling of trance.

This trance like feeling is not something extraordinary, actually it is something we all use daily in situations where our mind tries to protect oneself. In lift, or in the line of super market one can cause this state for protecting ones mind from outer distractions. There is still one minus side in this state, though it helps us to survive in distracting situation it also causes state where our subconsciousness is more sensitive to the outer impressions and many religions have found it useful for their purposes. For that reason they have all been creating systematic practices which naturally cause certain “spiritual state” where man more easily eats everything from their hand. When the altered state of mind has been successfully created (follower has done it himself by following the procedure) one is more accepting to religious teachings and less resistant. They accept the teachings and continue beating the mind down whenever annoying questions come to mind by using their prayer, chant or other specialized practice to do so. In many religions this state has been called to be the state of spiritual progress, so it is something worth of go for to practitioner who willingly does his best to reach the goal.

By doing this one brainwashes himself to be a part of religious herd.

There is also some other methods of suggestive brainwash like lights and tone levels, but these I will discuss more later..

Wrote by: Janina

tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Gratification to Ego!

Gratification to ego, that is my way.
I worship myself and with ego I play.
They say me don´t be selfish, think others as well.
But I say to them, oh really, what the hell.
I´m a free human being, living mostly for myself.
So I do not want feel guilty or live in mental hell.
I want to make things which please myself,
enjoy my life and worship my living self.
So don´t call me selfish if I do what I wish.
I don´t steal it from you, cause my life is this.

Wrote by: Janina

lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012


Two words I meet very often in my life are Magic and Spirituality. In most of the cases when I meet them they are attached together by saying that these two somehow belongs together. You have to be spiritual to success in magic.

Is it so?

I am a member of the Church of Satan and though I do not speak for the church cause I am not spokesperson for our religion, I will still talk a little about this issue here at my Chamber. Satanism as religion is totally carnal, this might surprise many persons who think us as some kind of Satan worshipers or exorcists of demons or what ever. Our tradition is carnal, we do not worship god, devil, or any known spiritual entities. For Satanist him- or herself is the center of universe, ones own god.

There is nowadays a plenty of magical schools who teach that magic is spiritual tool, something we do for others unselfishly same time we prey the gods or goddesses to give us this or that ability and try to play that we do it all just for others. For Satanist the starting point and motivation is totally different when compared to other schools of magic. Our magic starts from being selfish and denying all the aspects of hypocrisy. We do not hold any ideas of heavenly glory or afterlife so we do not need to run after salvation or karma. We start from the knowledge that our life and our days of glory are here and now. With this understanding we use Ritual as psychodrama to balance our psychic systems from guilty, remorse, hypocrisy and many other ´negative´ feelings that might prevent us from being balanced, happy person we want to be.

This obviously directs to the issue I have heard quite often in discussions about Satanism in public. The claim that Satanists sacrifice animals to the demons. Every rational person understands that if Satanism, like it is, is totally carnal religion without god or spirit to worship it would be idiotic to sacrifice animals to deities. Actually the best known animal sacrifice descriptions come from Christian Bible not from teachings of Satanism. Satanism teaches very clearly in The Nine Satanic Statements that man is just another animal, sometimes better but more often worse than those that walk on all-fours. Human being is just another form of animals, but with his intelligence he has separate himself from nature. Other species like cats and dogs live by their animal nature without guilt or hypocrisy, so how would there be any sense to sacrifice your superior to gods whom does not even exist? Satanist only sacrifices himself in the act of magic, that is the most powerful sacrifice one may do.

I have once or twice been asked the question “why do you practice magic if you do not believe in spiritual, supernormal, phenomenons?”

My answer and the conclusion for that is, because what I do does not include any supernatural aspects. What I do is live in resonance with nature itself. I have no intention to make myself to be some spiritual superwoman, but live in connection with nature enjoying same time life. My one and only life!

Wrote by: Janina

sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, so hard to stay. I want to go to out and play
Sunday morning rainy day. How could I go to out to play?
The rain´s excuse, Sunday as well.
If I decide, then I go bloody hell.
All excuses just weak the mind. Be though as you are.
Or your weakness makes you blind.

Sunday morning, rainy day.
I go and play, I do not just stay.
I have to do what I decide in my mind.
I am leader not follower, I am not a blind!

The ruler of my world, the center of universe.
I am my own god, not believer in faith.
I do what I wish and follow my own needs.
So out I just go now and I play like I feel!

Wrote by: Janina