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Being Elite

I am a Satanist and Member of the Church of Satan. I still don´t talk for Church of Satan but  only for me!

This time I wanted to put few words about elite and being part of it. What it means to be elite in Satanist standpoint?

Many people assume that being an elite is quality of certain race or certain social class. This is not true, membership in any certain race or social class does not make you an elite. It may make you elitist but not elite.
Being elite in Satanist standpoint means being the best possible in your own career, art and everything you do. Being elite means using ones own creativity with productive way.

Satanism is the religion found by Anton Szandor LaVey, the first High Priest of Church of Satan founded in 1966. He wrote this magnificent book called the Satanic Bible which is the basic text for Satanism and also few other books which specify the philosophy nowadays known as Satanism. LaVey described the thing called elite by saying:
"We are superior, and are superior not by ethnic means, but by the superior force of the will".

This shows very clearly that being elite means first of all that to be elite once should use his or her capacity to create something totally personal and get some merits as being the best possible person. Our willpower have to be strict and we have to take the control of our own lives. We are the center of our own universe so our actions should also be loaded with creativity and will to obtain something precious and meaningful to us. When we reach this goal and start to use our own potential and will to create something we are the elite.

If you think that your origin like race or family status will automatically make you elite you are just fooling yourself. You are like believers who prey salvation and beg mercy from their god.

Being elite is the high standard, it means you have to follow your own path, become best possible you and stop waiting some others to do something for you. It means taking full responsibility of ones life and decisions for once and for all!

Wrote by: Janina

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