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Satan worship or Satanism?

So you are a Satanist?

Does it mean you... Worship Satan?

This time I decided to write about Satanism, and like you fellow Satanists and every other readers noticed I started it with question does Satanism have something to do with devil worship. The answer for this question is very simple. No. Satanism has absolutely nothing to do with devil worship. Actually Satanists, as they say, does not worship anything at all.

I started to study this question after I took part in discussions of Satanism in many many Internet portals and it seemed that public opinion and people who held this believe did have completely different vision about this issue than Satanists themself did so of course I also wanted to say my heavy word about this subject.

Satanist as far as I know is the person who does not hold any spiritual ideas about divinity, he does not have god or goddess to worship, he does not worry about his karma or rebirth, and he does not wait punish or prize after this life. Actually Satanists whom I know say almost all that they are atheists. Satanists also say very often that "we are our own gods" which is the way to say that Satanist makes himself the center of the universe he is living in.

Satanists has very powerful symbol called Satan, maybe that could be described also with the word Natural Law, man is animal and accepting his animal nature is the Satanic way to act in the world. Satan like we all for sure know is the hebrew word for adversary, so in this sense Satanism is the adversary against spirituality which works against human nature, his animal nature.

One thing which came to my mind is that if this is the simple fact and obvious truth about Satanism, why there is so much accusations against them about devil worship and other spiritual activities?

It looks that many of these accusations come from Christian societies which call themselves "good" and everything outside their teachings "evil". It looks that many of the aspects of the Satanic Panic are straight lies against Satanic people just because Christianity needs enemy, Church could only exist because it have this naturally balancing aspect which it calls the evil and it could not continue if there would not be some nature which they need to try to destroy.

So if I, your honest writer, have understood ańything about this issue it seems very obvious to me that Satanism is the balancing factor which denies all the spiritual traditions and has for that reason to be the adversary, Satan.

But if the Satanism is natural and spirituality fights against the natural state, then what could the person called an Satanist worship except maybe.... his own nature?

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