torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2012

Why do I support gay marriages?

Homosexuality is a sin yelled Christian conservative politician in television show I was watching with my husband in our department. Homosexuality is sin cause the Bible says so she continued saying that is the reason why Christian Church should never approve gay couples or bless them to marriage with Christian ceremony.

I started to think why is this issue so hot potato for people? Isn´t it the one and the same who loves who, if two adult individuals find love between them? Why Church even has the right to say what is wrong and what is right? I mean I did not give my legitimation for them anyway..

I started to study this issue and find out that  worldwide we have some 1500 different animal species who practice homosexual activities. Over 500 species has been even documented. So where is the base for claim about unnatural roots of homosexualism. Could it be that it is not unnatural at all but it has made to be unnatural cause it is sin by tradition which tries to kill our natural instincts and replace it with purely spiritual harmony? I don´t know!

Still after some study and research I started to meditate this question by myself thinking what is my view about this issue? I did not find even one argument for denial of the right to have marriage right for gays and lesbians. Church in the western society today has been expressing these claims only cause their old hocuspocus fairytale Holy Bible says it in the book of Moses. Church has forgotten one important factor in the picture. It is that when the book was written there was only few of us human beings, that is the reason why it was very important to get population increase bigger and vaster. That might have been truth then but it definitely is not today cause mankind is already over populated anyway.

Even if we watch the reason to deny homosexuality thousands a years ago we do not find reasons to claim it to unnatural. Love is love with all these 1500 homo species. That is why I support gay marriage. It is natural choice of adult human beings and being natural is the path I follow more than spiritual dreams of some mystical heaven level.

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