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Epicurean philosophy and Atheism

I could describe my philosophy also with terms Epicurean Atheism so I decided now to write few words about Epicurean philosophy.

So what do I mean by saying I am epicurean?

Epicurean philosophy is often referred to be the form of hedonism, but unlike hedonism it teaches that the way to attain pleasure is to live modestly and to gain knowledge of the workings of the world and the limits of one's own desires. this means epicurean lifestyle is not just hedonism which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good In and strives to maximize the pleasure.

Epicurean philosophy teaches that pleasure is the greatest good for human but it is not just habit to fulfill ones pleasures. It is more like studying your own limits and getting knowledge how to avoid suffering. That´s why epicurean philosophers often said that absence of pain is the greatest pleasure.

Epicurean philosophy supports simple life and knowledge which frees one from fear of the death and pain. Epicurean philosophy of course has the aspect of enjoying ones life but with responsible way. Man has to take the responsibility of his own decisions and live with the consequences of his own choices.

As epicurean I think it is important for me to respect the rules of society and live in  a dissident way also respecting other people, animals and nature. I do not feel interest for drinking or using drugs, stealing something belonging to others or stuff like that which very commonly is attached to hedonistic lifestyle.

To me the way to reach my goal is to study the world and to study myself. I control in some level my desires so I can enjoy them more when reaching pleasure and that is how I would describe epicurean philosophy in my life.

Epicurean philosophy historically emphasizes the neutrality of the gods, that they do not interfere with human lives. It states that gods, matter, and souls are all made up of atoms. Souls are made from atoms, and gods possess souls, The Epicureans also used the atomist theories of Democritus and Leucippus to assert that man has free will. They held that all thoughts are merely atoms swerving randomly. This explanation served to satisfy people who wondered anxiously about their role in the universe.

In my life and religion the epicurean philosophy ends to other term which I also use often to describe my religious views Atheism. I start my religious thinking from simple atheism which in my case means I have no God or Master in higher level giving me orders for my life. When I talk about atheism I still do not attach to the idea of atheism cause I will not while lacking evidence say "there is no god" or vice versa. In my thinking atheism goes with atom theory and I would say that it does not matter in my case if there is god or not. I am like I am and I will always be like this, so this issue does not have any influence to my earthly actions.

Atom theory supports the idea that if there is God, that God still have the limited existence cause he has been born from same materialistic aspects than human beings.

I see that Atheism and Epicurean philosophy with materialistic atom theories free me from fear of the death very effectively. I am an individual made of material which is the base of the whole universe. For that reason I am part of the universe in deeper level so why would I bother about it. When I die I vanish to emptiness and become part of the universe. Until that moment, I will continue my epicurean life enjoying with small pieces of happiness in my life like cup of good coffee and philosophical discussions with my friends!

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