lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

Night Creatures


There are two kind of people walking on this earth, the majority which lives in the sunlight and the brightness.Day people And then there are those whom stir at the darkness and shadows, the night creatures. I am definitely those so called night people. I get all my best ideas at the night time and create something new in these so called dark hours.

I have been thinking how the normal people seem to scare darkness, walking in the areas with no light like forest or suburbia, and have been thinking maybe that is the natural state of being. Maybe there is big majority of people whom need their herd conformity to feel themselves powerful and save and then there is this little alienated elite whom are the lonely wolfs howling the moon by themselves.
maybe we, the creatures of the night are different specie than those with their herds and are destined to stir in the shadows until the darkness vanishes the light and our time starts, time of shadows and darkness.

I like to walk the nearby forest path in near of our residence and some have asked me don´t you scare to go out in the darkness and walk through the the light less forest, but why should I scare, I´m in home when walking in darkness, why would I scare attack from dark though I am the scariest thing in darkness anyway.

So yes, some people are definitely born to stir in darkness. They are born to be strong individual and black sheep of their society. I am definitely one with no herd giving me false safety. Lonely wolf wolf whom howls the moon in the darkness for ever, and ever, and ever

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