perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2012

Shopping at the Bookstore

I had to order a new copy of one of my favorite books Satanic Witch cause my old one is already seen it´s best days after many page through sessions. I ordered my book from store which is one of the best and most reliable book sellers in my living area.

I got normally text message to my cellphone after the book had arrived to store, but when I got to store it got interesting..

I went to cash desk where they sell out ordered books and there was pleasant looking young man as seller and soon as I gave my name he changed from correct to very friendly saying "Oh you mean the LaVey book". He said this with the voice which sounded like he and Doctor had been at least best friends or something. He talked to me like his old friend and I also noted he knew many manners very familiar Lesser Magic techniques. I was very impressed by the behavior of this young man and if I wouldn´t ever have studied these techniques myself I would have bought many more books from this guy. Now I just paid my book and walked out. Seems like somebody else have been studying lesser magic as well..wink

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