maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Howling to the Moon!

Sometimes I feel I would like to howl to the moon like a wolf and run through the forest roaring with teeth sparkling in the bare moonlight. My inner Werewolf tries to take over my purely rational human side and replace it with my demonic bestial side, the wolf.

I see there is two sides in every human animal, the one we show to the others and the inner more animistic nature. This bestial side is under the topping we call rational human being trying to separate it from nature. Our western society, Christian Church as the leading advocate, has taught  it´s wrong values to human beings for centuries by saying man is something more than his carnal nature, something spiritual and divine. But the truth is man is just an animal, wolf howling the moon.

The idea of spiritual human being has made man to be very cruel animal, we exploit all the other species and the land by using the teachings of Bible as cover. Cause we human animals are something more, something higher we are allowed by the God to do to others as we will. The only price we have to pay for that God who gave us the land is to abandon our true nature and live in denial of all the lusts and passions we meet. This believe in spiritual creature has poisoned our minds and deluded us to believe we can reach some salvation by denying ourself and our true nature. But this, my friends is mistake which distance us from our lives and nature.

I personally think that man is animal, beast. We are hunting animals by our nature so why would I want to deny my inner Werewolf. I have made atonement with my animal side and accept completely that I am just one animal, lonely wolf.

So, I roar to the moon and run through the forest with my teeth sparkling in the bare moonlight, my inner Werewolf tries to take over my purely rational human side and I let it do it. Now my dear friends I am complete. My rational side and animal nature, are one nature. They never actually were anything separate cause I have always been animal called man who just needed to accept the animal side. Werewolf.

wrote by: Janina

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