tiistai 24. huhtikuuta 2012

Say it loud!

I say it loud, that I am proud.
Proud of being me, proud thinking purely free.
I would not live like Slave, I do not want to obey.
My way is question all, I want always have the ball.
Believers call me sinner, their fate is just my dinner.
they say I´m going to hell, for that I say just well.

I say it loud, freethinker and proud.
I don´t obey religious authority,
that´s the reason I am always minority
But hey, what the hell.
I am totally free to tell
Think everything for yourself.
Not just for  your God, who can´t save you at all
It is better to be little odd, and say I am my own god.
that´s why I say it loud. I am Satanist, and I´m proud!

wrote by: Janina

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