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Creativeness is the indicator which separates herd conformism from individuality. In the world where most persons are used to wait something ready made from others or from society, those who create their own standards of being and creating things are commonly described oddballs and bohemians.

Creativity however is not just something you do for others. Creating things from nothing most often is something you do for separate you from those who only consume.

Consumerism is the religion of 21th century. In this post-capitalist era we are living, the only indicator for living in society is how much you buy and how much you consume. Those of us who are more interested about creating something new instead of just living under the definitions of others are the ones who society sees easily as outsiders and misfits.

When buying and consuming, one is not creating. When not creating one is growing numb. Numbness in society is the thing which keep masses watching rerun programs from television instead of going out and doing something wild.

Creating art is wild. Writing poetry or painting the picture forces you to step out from your conventional structured thinking and stepping to nothingness with only your empty mind with you. In this empty state and space your unconventional mind can take form or direction you never believed you will. This empty and critical process may leave you from being a believer to become a doubter or from being a dogmatist to become a nihilist.

Those three words I hold in my life are Do It Yourself. Instead of running behind money which gives me possibility to buy goods, I do things in my life here and now to get what I want without ready made standards. Here the thing you need to do is the easy choice are you ruling your life and creating the reality yourself or does somebody else do it for you while you just sit and watch your life like a television program?

I am an Active Member in organization called the Church of Satan. Many people see that organization as something bad and questionable because of it´s status as representative of this feared S-word, Satanism. However in that context I have had pleasure to get to know many creative individual persons, like poetics, musicians, painters, DJ´s, writers, artisans and web designers. These people come from many walks of life and from many different societies. They all hold very different political views and societal norms. Which, however, is common for most of these people is creativity. Creativeness gives them channel to put all these views and ideas together under one creative atmosphere and forget their disagreements in other areas.

In that sense it is justifiable to say that certain amount of creative thinking in your thoughts, your mind comes more flexible and goes easily to different directions without sorting out what is good or bad. When one starts to create something, like I do with this text, one should be able to step out from ones own beliefs and take a stance where any expectations will not define the direction you are going. By giving up of all your beliefs and opinions you became free from totalitarian state of mind which only leads to mental fascism and self censorship. When you make art or perform something, nothing should be hold as holy or untouchable. Otherwise you are lost.

We all remember the photos of Nazis burning the books. For their society the freedom of thinking was swear-word. That kind of totalitarian system may get some sort of creative projects done, but for creative artist it is mentally killing state. Dare to challenge all you have ever believed and step out from comfortable area. Only then you will feel the wind of creativity to blow and take you to it´s cold embrace.

Creativity is individuality and individuality is freedom to be what you are. Without creativity you become a part of machine and you lose your freedom by losing your individuality.

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