perjantai 24. lokakuuta 2014


Alone I stand before the Demons. The Demons of my mind.
They call me evil, I am bad I have too much pride.
The Chamber is dark and incense spreads it´s bitter scent.
Here I stand alone at the roof of the world, in the darkness of deepest cellar.
I call the Demons from the darkness of the chamber and they answer from the
bottom of my mind. Was it Demon who gave me this power? Was it God
who release this carnal fleshy perverted mind.
It was no god, it was no demon. It was... oh wait.. was it me?

Yes it was me!

Incense burns and candles give me the light. I call the Demon from the night.
The Demon answers and I can see it´s seductive face front of me.
The face which were my face. My face before I was birth. My face
before I was nothing but dirt. All alone in my Chamber I see the face
of Demon. My face, my face..
I found the God of the heavenly glory, I found the Demon of the darkest night.
I found them both from my imagination and yelled.
No Gods, No Masters. Except... Me!

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