maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2015


In the silence of the night my mind is dark like the the darkest night.
Full of pride, ego, I. Darkness in my mind, in my site.

Night crawls over me. It tights it´s cold dark fingers around me.
Who am I, oh, who am I.. Am I she, am I he?

Madness, oh sweet madness. Take me, make me your slave.
Take me oh madness, cause I don´t want to save.

I want to drown to the dark ocean of madness and dreams.
I want to drown to the madness which makes me unseen.

Oh my ego, oh sweet me. Now I can see. Darkness is death,
rebirth and flee.

I am the god of this darkness of night, my mind is the king
of the madness and pride.

Darkness is not dark or cold. It is my best friend and like me,
ancient and old

Wrote: Janina

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