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Responsibility and fatalism!

There is a two ways to see things in reality. Two ways to act. Fatalism and Responsibility.

Fatalist, a person who always thinks he or she should get something by giving nothing is a type of human being whose faith makes them to avoid taking responsibility of ones own choices.

Responsible human being is a type of human being, who believes on his or her own skills and ability to make life what they want it to be.

Though I am not spokesperson for Satanism, I thought again to open my coffin of words and speak out my thoughts about this issue.
In Satanism responsibility has very special meaning and it has been named as one of the nine Satanic Statements:

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!”

For that reason it is not surprising to see that responsibility is actually one of the most important things one should keep in mind when looking things from Satanic perspective.

I am my own god”, is one of the most misunderstood phrases, I have heard. Many seem to think it means something non-responsible, that you can make what ever you like without giving any thoughts to anything, but unfortunately reality does not work that way. We are free to make our choices, yes, but we also are responsible of our choices. We have to be able to stand straight and take responsibility of our words, doings and even thoughts, so when somebody says he or she is their own god, it should not be seen as nihilistic statement of one to justify what ever they like to do, but as statement of responsible human being who stands behind his choices and lives with the consequences of these choices.

Fatalism, the way to see things as karma or acts of destiny, is something very un-responsible. There the human being sees the reality like they would earn something without giving anything simply because their destiny is to reach something. This kind of thinking easily makes people lazy and weakens their mind, when they try to avoid taking responsibility of their own life by putting it to gods, destiny of karma. This kind of person easily thinks something should be given to them simply cause they want it, not cause they earn it.

I think responsible being should always avoid the practice of Simple fatalism and work diligently for the goals they want to reach. Satan is the adversary who stands proudly as they are and questions all these ideas of destiny or karma by challenging the common believes with his questions “why?”. Satan lives in responsible heart, not in spiritual pipe dreams.

Stand proud, ask the question and take the responsibility of your life. Then, really then, you know, what the life gives to you is earned, not cause you wanted it, but because you earned it.

For avoiding mis-understanding, my words are my own opinion and does not represent anything but writers subjective opinions about this issue!


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