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Battle of your Mind

I have been studying many religions and traditions during my years in the world of Magic, and noticed some formula in the way how many members of different traditions are holding spiritual practices you could call self-suggestive brainwash. Aka, their members use the thought formula to manipulate their own mind. For example, believer of Allah bows to Mecca many times a day praying while doing it. This common practice in the eye of beholder is "spiritual practice" while the thing he actually does is to low his own resistance level of mind to the state where suggestion starts and critical thinking moves back. By continuing his practice he actually brainwashes himself to accept something his common mind would not do in normal state. This is something most followers of spiritual religions do very much by following the procedure of their religions.

They say, that there is no mind which could not been manipulated from outside, and many techniques of brainwash are commonly used in army, business world, advertising and specially in religion. In army this technique starts with the idea of breaking the man and building him again. During this many suggestive methods have been used to low ones critic level so while breaking the soldier their mind is manipulated in the boot camps to make them as puppet like mindless robots to obey all the commands in the moment. When we go to the area of religion very much same methods can be seen there and many others like tone level, lightning and sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation, one commonly known technique of human torture is quite often used in religious practice and one may found marks of it from Meditation, Chanting, Prayer etc. In sensory deprivation the mind can easily be changed from beta- to alpha level by blocking the use of normal sense partially (like vision or hearing) human starts naturally to change from outside level to inner and cause himself a light feeling of trance.

This trance like feeling is not something extraordinary, actually it is something we all use daily in situations where our mind tries to protect oneself. In lift, or in the line of super market one can cause this state for protecting ones mind from outer distractions. There is still one minus side in this state, though it helps us to survive in distracting situation it also causes state where our subconsciousness is more sensitive to the outer impressions and many religions have found it useful for their purposes. For that reason they have all been creating systematic practices which naturally cause certain “spiritual state” where man more easily eats everything from their hand. When the altered state of mind has been successfully created (follower has done it himself by following the procedure) one is more accepting to religious teachings and less resistant. They accept the teachings and continue beating the mind down whenever annoying questions come to mind by using their prayer, chant or other specialized practice to do so. In many religions this state has been called to be the state of spiritual progress, so it is something worth of go for to practitioner who willingly does his best to reach the goal.

By doing this one brainwashes himself to be a part of religious herd.

There is also some other methods of suggestive brainwash like lights and tone levels, but these I will discuss more later..

Wrote by: Janina

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