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Two words I meet very often in my life are Magic and Spirituality. In most of the cases when I meet them they are attached together by saying that these two somehow belongs together. You have to be spiritual to success in magic.

Is it so?

I am a member of the Church of Satan and though I do not speak for the church cause I am not spokesperson for our religion, I will still talk a little about this issue here at my Chamber. Satanism as religion is totally carnal, this might surprise many persons who think us as some kind of Satan worshipers or exorcists of demons or what ever. Our tradition is carnal, we do not worship god, devil, or any known spiritual entities. For Satanist him- or herself is the center of universe, ones own god.

There is nowadays a plenty of magical schools who teach that magic is spiritual tool, something we do for others unselfishly same time we prey the gods or goddesses to give us this or that ability and try to play that we do it all just for others. For Satanist the starting point and motivation is totally different when compared to other schools of magic. Our magic starts from being selfish and denying all the aspects of hypocrisy. We do not hold any ideas of heavenly glory or afterlife so we do not need to run after salvation or karma. We start from the knowledge that our life and our days of glory are here and now. With this understanding we use Ritual as psychodrama to balance our psychic systems from guilty, remorse, hypocrisy and many other ´negative´ feelings that might prevent us from being balanced, happy person we want to be.

This obviously directs to the issue I have heard quite often in discussions about Satanism in public. The claim that Satanists sacrifice animals to the demons. Every rational person understands that if Satanism, like it is, is totally carnal religion without god or spirit to worship it would be idiotic to sacrifice animals to deities. Actually the best known animal sacrifice descriptions come from Christian Bible not from teachings of Satanism. Satanism teaches very clearly in The Nine Satanic Statements that man is just another animal, sometimes better but more often worse than those that walk on all-fours. Human being is just another form of animals, but with his intelligence he has separate himself from nature. Other species like cats and dogs live by their animal nature without guilt or hypocrisy, so how would there be any sense to sacrifice your superior to gods whom does not even exist? Satanist only sacrifices himself in the act of magic, that is the most powerful sacrifice one may do.

I have once or twice been asked the question “why do you practice magic if you do not believe in spiritual, supernormal, phenomenons?”

My answer and the conclusion for that is, because what I do does not include any supernatural aspects. What I do is live in resonance with nature itself. I have no intention to make myself to be some spiritual superwoman, but live in connection with nature enjoying same time life. My one and only life!

Wrote by: Janina

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